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Do you want to maximize the value of your container fleet?

We are Steel Works Shipping Containers and we are on a mission to transform the container trade. We break with the traditional way of working. No more inefficiencies or obscurities that make you wonder if you get a fair price for the containers you want to sell. An ideal container deal for us? A fully automated purchasing experience and fast delivery to the end-user. Good quality and excellent customer service. Day and night. Any time. Anywhere. To succeed in this promise, our partners are of vital importance.

Sell directly to end users and let Steel Works take care of the hassle

At Steel Works Shipping Containers we constantly seek to engage with current and potential new suppliers. We started our journey in Netherlands in October 2020. Now we are expanding our presence globally. With our completely digital business model, it’s only a matter of weeks before we can open a web shop in a new location. A direct channel to the end-user of your shipping containers, whether it’s a small business or a large corporate. 


  1. A reliable partner.
  2. Maximize your asset value by selling directly to end-users at any location worldwide within a matter of weeks.
  3. Minimize the hassle, as we handle the entire process, from research and sophisticated digital marketing campaigns, customer service to delivery and aftercare. 
  4. Avoid unnecessary repositioning costs and CO2 emissions by selling the containers where they become available.
  5. While we share insights of the development of local markets where we collaborate.
  6. We offer a fully localized experience with customer service in the language of the customers we want to sell to.

Let’s talk about how we can maximize the value of your container fleet while we take care of the hassle of selling to end users.

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