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Seven Clear and Simple Sustainability Principles from Steel Works

Sustainability is just as normal and logical for Steel Works Shipping Containers as striving to enable our customers to order a container at the best price around the clock in the simplest possible way. That is why we rely on the following seven principles:

1.     Digitization enables sustainability. Since we work 100% digitally, we are more effective than traditional analog container suppliers save costs for customers, suppliers and ourselves. As you can see, some of these savings translate into lower prices for our customers.

2.     We are committed to avoiding the unnecessary transport of empty containers. Containers with cargo arrive at ports, are then transported inland and unloaded there. Those containers are then usually returned empty to the ports, even though the owners would like to sell a large number of these containers. Steel Works can sell these containers inland through online marketing and its online shop. We prevent unnecessary environmental impact and give used containers a new lease on life as a storage option for many of our customers. Naturally, our customers can also simply reload these containers and use them for transport.

3.     We prefer to work with suppliers who take sustainability seriously. In choosing our suppliers, how they work for greater sustainability plays a major role in the decision-making process. That is why we do not always automatically choose the cheapest transport company but the most environmentally efficient ones. Since we can offer the lowest prices in the market, we ensure that the combined cost of container and transport does not increase for our customers. We make sure this process is replicated across all our suppliers.

4.     We don’t just make green promises, we go green. We don’t bother our customers with long brags about sustainability, instead we apply our principles directly where possible. We let our customers know that we have offset the CO2 emissions for the transport of their container, only after they’ve placed an order. We hope this will inspire you to treat your customers in the same way. After all, this is a great way to make the world a little better together!

5.     We seriously urge the container industry to produce containers in a better way, both for workers and the environment. There are millions of used containers. Containers are sold multiple times after production before they end up in your possession. Since Steel Works removes the superfluous margins, allowing us to offer our customers our low prices on a responsible product.

6.     Our own business is as sustainable as possible. We work paperless (which is a rarity for our industry) and, when we have to drive, we use electric cars. We also try to avoid flying by plane. Everything we do, we do as consciously as possible. And we aim to make the right decisions at all times.

7.     Steel Works Sustainability Award. Every year, we ask our customers to nominate the best sustainable initiative in the field of transport and logistics. Based on the votes cast by our customers, suppliers and other interested parties, Steel Works Shipping Containers donates USD 10,000 each year to the most promising sustainable initiative.