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If your need of the hour is to find 20ft shipping containers in Louisiana, you’ve stumbled onto the right blog. Steel Works can help you uncover the best boxes at competitive prices.

We understand how hard it is to find boxes at good prices. The calls to your contacts in hopes of them leading you to a good find, or surfing through the web to locate your box. It’s a tough call.

And what about the constant worry about finding a trustworthy supplier? How can you be sure they’re not fraudulent and are not out there to con you? And let’s not forget the hidden fees and hidden clauses in contracts. These are quite the conundrums, aren’t they?

What if we told you we’ve got a solution to all your problems under one platform –. Yes, you read that right!

On our online neutral marketplace, you connect with 1000+ trusted members and find your 20ft shipping containers in Louisiana for sale. How can you be sure your money is safe with them? We have a mandatory vetting process in place. Every member has to go through it before their onboarding. This means we secure your safety with us right from the very start.

20ft Shipping Container in Alabama

20ft storage containers for sale: Prices for new and used storage containers

Before we talk numbers. Let’s first give you an overview of the factors that influence the prices of 20ft shipping containers in Louisiana.

  • Geographical location – In a landlocked country, there’s no access to the open sea. Hence, the transport and transit costs are higher than moving containers in a port location.
  • Supply and demand- Just like any other product, the market fluctuation in supply and demand has a role to play in 20ft shipping container prices.
  • Container condition and age- The newer the container the more expensive it is, and the more it’s been around the block the prices will lower.
  • Cost of delivery- This is an additional cost to the total container price. The costs here depend on the number of containers delivered and the time taken to reach the location. The farther the supplier has to travel, the more expensive the prices get.
  • Container size and type– The bigger and more specialized the box, the higher the price.
  • Customization or modification- Making any constructional customizations to your box will cost you extra.
  • Shipping industry market conditions- With the changing dynamics of the market caused by unavoidable situations such as lockdowns, war, or inflation, the prices tend to either rise or fall.
Shipping Container

Price of new 20ft shipping container for sale

Keeping what we learned above in mind let’s discuss why a new container is on the costlier side. Well, for one thing, it’s a newborn; a never been used box, thus, it holds a higher value than its used counterparts. The older the box, the more it’s been used and repaired over the years, weakening its condition and lowering its prices.

Despite the high costs of new 20ft shipping containers for sale, on Steel Works, you can get your box at competitive prices without any hidden commissions. We offer you full market transparency so that you have the freedom to negotiate prices directly with the supplier without the interference of a middleman.

Remember you’re making these deals with vetted members so you know all your transactions are secure. You also have the opportunity to draw comparisons between the different prices and pick a deal that works best for you. And good thing is, you get all this under one roof.

Now, let’s take a look at four different countries and the average prices they have to offer for new 20ft containers for sale on Steel Works:

  • China- US $3,483
  • India- US $ 3,628
  • Poland- US $3,626
  • The Netherlands- US $3,871

*The prices you see above are based on the transactions happening on the trading platform and are subject to changes.

20ft shipping container

Price of used 20ft storage container for sale

With used containers, the story is a little different. As you’ve already read earlier, the prices are lower since these are in continuous use. Before you buy a used container, it’s better to check for the following conditions:

  • CW (Cargo Worthy) – These containers are in good condition to be used for shipping. They’re generally 7 to 15 years old and will show some wear and tear, but will still be wind and watertight.
  • WWT(Wind and watertight) – These containers are typically 10+ years old and you can consider them storage-worthy. They are a good option for portable storage for your cargo.

Here are the average prices for used 20ft containers for sale you’ll find on Steel Works:

  • China- US $2,273
  • India- US $2,344
  • Poland- US $2,361
  • Netherlands- US $2,221

*The prices you see above are based on the transactions happening on the trading platform and are subject to changes.

Remember we spoke about you struggling to find 20ft shipping containers for sale at competitive prices? With Steel Works, you have your solution right at your fingertips. All you’ve to do is click on the banner below and our team of experts will help you lead the way to your box. And if you’ve got any queries, they are here to help you get the answers right then and there.

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